Degrees to the radians converter

Convert number in degrees to the radians equivalent.


What is a Degree?

It is defined as the measurement of the plane angle which involves the complete rotation of a circle, this means, there are 360 degrees in one complete rotation of a circle.

So, an angle can be determined by the amount of rotation from the initial point to the final point of the circle.


A small circle, ° is used as a symbol of the degree. Usually, a small circle after a number would be “degrees” for that angle.

Degrees to radians formula

radians = degrees * π / 180°

1° = 0.0174533 rad

How to convert degrees to radians?

Example. Convert 20° to radians:

20 * 3.14159 / 180 ≈ 0.34906 rad

Degrees to radians conversion table



History of degree unit invention

According to some ancient theories, some Persian and Babylonian calendars used 360 days for a year and related the degree unit for the angle measurement by this fact.

One of the best reasons for using this unit was that 360 is the most readily divisible number, as it is divisible by every number from 1 to 10 except 7. This property helped in many applications and geometrical measurements.